Losing Control

I find myself grasping for control sometimes. A lot actually. But over the past year I have learned a lot about losing control. Mostly by force really.
But losing control is when we learn to trust. Maybe God wants us to give up control of things because he is in control and cannot control if we have such a tight grip of things. Give up control to God in grace and faith. Someday, if you haven’t already, which I bet you have, you will be forced into a situation that you absolutely cannot control by any means (where I find myself right now). That’s helplessness. But that’s when we need to trust the most. I call it helpless trust. There is peace in submission as I have discovered lately. His control and his will is Infinitely better than ours.

Sit back, let it go, and surrender your will to a God who promises more than you can ever hope or imagine.

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