From Formula to Relationship

“Our false self demands a formula before he’ll engage; he wants a guarantee of success; and mister, you aren’t going to get one. So there comes a time in a man’s life when he’s got to break away from all that and head off into the unknown with God. This is a vital part of … Read more

Losing Control

I find myself grasping for control sometimes. A lot actually. But over the past year I have learned a lot about losing control. Mostly by force really. But losing control is when we learn to trust. Maybe God wants us to give up control of things because he is in control and cannot control if … Read more

Missing you, Dad.

I can hardly comprehend the amount of time that has passed but, four years ago today my father, Rev. Mark Walz, beat us all to heaven and won the race I am so desperately trying to win. I miss you and love you Dad, so much. But I am reminded if your legacy every day … Read more

Betrayal and Grace

Unedited, from March 30, 2013: “What have you done?” Genesis 3:13 These are the words of the Lord our God after being betrayed in love and heart broken by the ones he loved the most, His prized possessions, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had betrayed their loving creator by turning instead to the Enemy. … Read more

Come Quickly, Spring: The Promise of Easter

Tulips in Park by Mark Walz

A sunset is a beautiful, gorgeous thing. But, just imagine with me, that as the sun goes down in the sky and everything gets darker, that the sun would never rise again. We would never again feel the warmth of the glowing ball on our skin or the reflection of the light on our cars. … Read more