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Hi. I'm Mark.

I am a multimedia designer, brand manager, and storyteller who works with businesses, organizations, brands, and individuals to help them tell a better story. Whether that is through a beautifully designed and implemented website, meaningful logos, and branding, memorable photography, inspiring videos, or the written or audible word.

I believe that storytelling is the most powerful tool we have and that it is our stories that connect us to each other. Without a story, without sharing our stories, there is no other way that we can connect to the people with whom we most want to connect.

I am a creative who lives in downtown Lexington, works in communications, technology, and marketing. A type 2 on the Enneagram, I am involved with volunteering for so many things, including a local community development after school program, a secret concert series, and a local monthly storytelling event. I am always too quick to say "yes" which is why I find myself in the middle of so many bizarre stories. (Oops). A world traveler, I am an adventure and information junkie, loving music and art, and I am passionate about creating community, telling stories, french fries, and is really good at sneaking drinks into movie theaters.

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