Mysterious Piano found in Woods

I wish I had been there to take some pictures or at least play it. Sounds fun. I would love to have a free piano however, if I did have one I wouldn’t set it up in the middle of the woods.


Was it a theft? A prank? A roundabout effort to bring some holiday cheer to the police? Authorities in Harwich, Massachusetts, are probing the mysterious appearance of a piano, in good working condition, in the middle of the woods.
A police officer examines an oddly placed piano in the woods of Harwich, Massachusetts.

A police officer examines an oddly placed piano in the woods of Harwich, Massachusetts.

Discovered by a woman who was walking a trail, the Baldwin Acrosonic piano, model number 987, is intact — and, apparently, in key.

Sgt. Adam Hutton of the Harwich Police Department said information has been broadcast to all the other police departments in the Cape Cod area in hopes of drumming up a clue, however minor it may be.

But so far, the investigation is flat.

Also of note: Near the mystery piano — serial number 733746 — was a bench, positioned as though someone was about to play.

The piano was at the end of a dirt road, near a walking path to a footbridge in the middle of conservation land near the Cape.

It took a handful of police to move the piano into a vehicle to transport it to storage, so it would appear that putting it into the woods took more than one person.

Asked whether Harwich police will be holding a holiday party in the storage bay — tickling the ivories, pouring eggnog — while they await word of the piano’s origin and fate, Hutton laughed. No such plans.

Harwich police have had some fun, though. Among the photos they sent to the news media is one of Officer Derek Dutra examining the piano in the woods. The police entitled the photo “Liberace.”

I suppose if I had alot of extra pianos and free time I would do this. It would be incredibly fun to just randomly set a piano in the middle of the woods. Although I don’t know how I would get it there and I can’t figure out how someone did. I think it would be nice to be walking a trail and find this. I’de play it.

So, does if a piano sits in the middle of the woods does it still make a sound?


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  1. Hello,
    I was informed by your post on CGR to come here to request the Relient K “I Celebrate the Day” sheet music.
    So may I please have it if you still have it?
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  2. I must say -if I found a piano in the middle of the woods I would arrest it.
    Now, if it was playing all by itself I would check into a private hospital.



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  3. Yet another seeker of the “Silent Night/Away in a Manger” + “I Celebrate the Day” sheet music.

    My band and I are seeking out a copy and to tell you the truth I could plunk it out myself but I figured someone else must have done it already. Therefore I’m asking you 😉

    If you got, then I would appreciate it! Thanks Mark!


  4. hey im really sorry to bother you about this too but i would really like to have the sheet music for “i celebrate the day”….

    thanks alot!!!

  5. Hey bro, im another lost soul seeking the “Celebrate the Day” sheet music ^_^

    If you could get that to me it would be much appreciated.

    Btw, great site, love the layout.

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