Keeping the Green Earth Green

This is my final speech I gave for my Speech class at KCU. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to use fewer natural resources and help to preserve the Earth. Central Idea: By living in a more environmentally friendly way, you can earn money, live healthier, and preserve the creation God has given us. Introduction … Read more

Mysterious Piano found in Woods

I wish I had been there to take some pictures or at least play it. Sounds fun. I would love to have a free piano however, if I did have one I wouldn’t set it up in the middle of the woods. Was it a theft? A prank? A roundabout effort to bring some holiday … Read more


Ah, the smell of rain after a long dry smell. Or so I thought. Today I walked out of class to this smell but it start to really kill my sinuses. I got an instant headache and my nose started burning. This was one INCREDIBLY strong rain smell. Petrichor is the name for the scent … Read more