Are you a stalker? Than you will love this post!

I don’t think I have many stalkers out there.

But, if I do. You can bookmark this site:

It’s kind of my OVERALL internet profile. It tracks basically everything I do online (Well, so does my Facebook now). Its just a better version of my blog as well.

Ah, this fall break is so busy!

I have helped run the Ashland Area Aldersgate Camp Fundraiser dinner by playing piano, setting up and running sound, music, video, powerpoint, and etc. I have been practicing alot with Trust Fall because of our first show next week. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.

But then a bunch of us had a “prayer party” at Kathy Lother’s house, which was amazing because it was all about food and praying for each other.

The next day was very very busy, Randee’s mom, Randee, and I sang at a funeral, we went shopping for supply for me to finish making my homemade Fresh Pumpkin Vanilla Pie’s, then I dropped Randee off at work, picked Chelsey up from school and then Chelsey and I RUSHED to see Bradley Hathaway at Marshall University. Funny thing is that Randee was going to go until she found out she had to work, and Allison wanted to go but she had Dracula that night.

We found the Marshall University Student Center after a little looking around (we never got lost!) and found the show. There was a crowd of about 20 people and there were 4 other bands playing too. But let me just say, it was incredible. Just an awesome show. We talked to Bradley afterward and I got a limited edition (only 100 printed) silk-screen print poster, his new CD and Book, and an Owl t-shirt for Randee..and of course we got everything signed.

He told me he’ll be at Asbury College soon and I told him I wanted to try and get him back at Ichthus.

Well, then today was a little more restful. Randee is sick and so today I made some delicious pumpkin pies and roasted pumpkins seeds from fresh, real pumpkins. Then we went to go see the Dracula performance by the backstage players. It was just an awesome, extremely well put on play. Great acting too.

Alright, so I am exhausted from this weekend. And yet, I still have so much homework due come Monday and Wednesday, and an even busier weekend next weekend.
See ya.

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