Here is an old non-published post of mine.

The fear of Friday the 13th.

MSN has a very intresting article todaya very long time ago, about Friday the 13th and Phobias and Fear Factors

The five most common phobias are:

1. Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)

2. Fear of giving a speech (glossophobia)

3. Fear of heights (acrophobia)

4. Fear of rodents (musophobia)

5. Fear of flying (aviophobia)

Papaphobia—fear of the pope

Barophobia is the fear of gravity

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia—fear of long words (seriously).

Gerontophobia—fear of old people.

Peladophobia—fear of bald people.

Geropeladophobia—fear of old, bald people.

didaskaleinophobia, the fear of going to school
Phobophobia—fear of developing a fear.

Donald Trump is celebrated as a world-class deal maker, but he has a fear of shaking hands.

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs or rabies


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