Snow Snow like Snow Snow

Alright, so the weather has been crazy lately.


Incredible freezing weather with 5 total inches of snow in two days that melted, iced over, and then got snowed on again.


Strangely warm weather.


Now we are back to snow again.

Man, I don’t like it. It’s starting to irritate me. Especially when it decides to get bad right when Randee is going to come visit me.

Hmm, I should do some more with this website. I could use another design. I have alot more photos, art work, music, etc too.

Just so busy all the time I hardly have time for anything. I hate being busy, absolutely hate it.

And the internet connection in my dorm room just doesn’t work. It’s a very irritating thing. I can never get on any messenger programs, barely check my email, or anything. Websites take forever to load. I emailed the help desk here and told them I want them to fix it for the last time because I am sick of it. They have had my router for a total of 4 weeks for three separate times. They have come to my room to test the ports but say it is perfectly fine. But it isn’t. Whats irritating is that the connection is inconsistent. Sometimes I have a few hours where it works dandily…and then boom, for the next two it goes on and off every other minute. Yea, annoying.

Now I am in class hoping Randee makes it to Asbury today because she is on a “winter break” and wants to come up. I’ve never heard of one of those. Haha, silly KCU.


  1. Julie on February 21, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    global warming MARK! lol. ah…internet connections can be a drag. chilzx fufu

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