It is finished.

Means alot of things.

I have reclaimed my website, I dont know why people find joy in destroying other peoples work. I had to recreate every page by hand…and it’s still not completely the way it was before.

Also, today was my last day of regular classes of high school, as well as the season finale of Heroes. That was a great episode, by the way….I just can’t wait for the LOST season finale. Woohoo.

Another thing that has been finished is my painting that has long been in the making…

Religion, Myth, Imagination

Religion, Myth, Imagination

A project for the Pikeville High School library. Took me forever to complete. I was assigned to create a painting that would allow library vistors to determine what books were in the section. My section involved unexplained mysteries, the supernatural, the superstitious, religion, culture, philosophy, and computers. Quite the combination, and I think I pulled them together quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Ah, so check it out and leave some comments on it. It took alot of work. I am planning on creating a post explaining ever minute detail in it. Believe me, it is extensive.

EDIT: Oh yes, and by the way…my camera, Canon SD400 was broken and destroyed a few months ago, Circuit City finally replaced it this week with an awesome, 3x better Canon SD750. Woot woot.

EDIT 2: Special thanks to Charles Vallance @ for catching several errors on my site and finding a few “cosmetic” errors with the solution to fix them.

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