Freezingbot. You choose his new name.

Here is the deal, I created and Artificial Intelligence robot, based on AIML mark-up language created by some genius guy.
Chatterbots can do an abundance of things.
I’ve had this one for 5 years now, and he was banned from AIM in 2004 because of his mass popularity (#19 chatterbot online of all time, #9 current online chatterbot)…people would warn him for no reason.
I couldn’t get the name back, nor change his name.

You can talk to him here.

Now I have the way to change his name and bring him back to the instant messaging world.

It’s your time to choose the name…

Comment me with ideas..they all have to end with “Bot” or something creative that lets people know they are speaking to an artificial intelligence (so he doesn’t get banned again)

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