Speculation for Myspace Profile 2.0

This was written by: Matt Marcus

So after doing a considerable amount of research on this topic (probably 10-12 hours of looking over code and talking to various people), I have came up with a list of features that could be in the new release for the next-gen of Myspace profiles. After reviewing and sifting through five or so staff profiles on Myspace, I came to the conclusion that there will be many cool new features added in the new version of Myspace. When its due out, is still a mystery. Still a little early to come up with anything solid, but rumors circulating around last year said that it could come as soon as Q1 2007.
For starters, the new generation of profiles is suppose to have superior editing techniques such as the new used commonly in the new web 2.0 move. Thus meaning, we’ll be seeing drag and drop methods (implementing AJAX), so we’ll be able to drag around different modules to different parts of our profiles to edit them more easily. I suppose
this would take a lot of time to program and make sure it works right with minimal glitches so this is probably holding
up the release of 2.0
Second, there are many hints at a feature where you can include your own css sheet. It seems like you will be able to upload a style sheet, so all your styles are organized more efficiently. This could be efficient, but it could also backfire, if people abuse it. So I’m sure there’s some way for Myspace to filter out all the bad code while still giving users the freedom to create these awe-inspiring “Userstyles.”
Third, is something more underlying and just perspective right now, but I’m pretty sure Myspace is going to be switching to asp.net programming to accommodate the move to Web 2.0 standards. This would help Myspace’s traffic become more organized and allow the servers to become more efficient and run faster without much “slow-time.” This would help Myspace during their “peek-hours.” All of this is of course speculation. Some of it has stronger evidence behind it though to help back it up. However, we
won’t know for sure until we see it. Or until I can get an admin to spill some secrets 😉 Which ever comes first.

-Matt Marcus

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