It’s the number flavors in a unique blend in my favorite drink.
“23 flavors, 23 cities, 23 treasures.” is their ad campaign.

First 4 numbers (not including 0) in my social security number adds up to 22…
The last 4 add up to 24…both together are 46…which (figure it out yourself) is 23.

US 23 is the name of the highway that goes through my town and is the only way for me to get to school.

Around mile marker 23 on US 23, their is a billboard…which the phone number is XXX-2323

My last name starts with a W, which is the 23rd letter in the alphabet…also it is the letter right below the number 2 and 3 on the keyboard.

When I was considering these things, I was discussing it with someone who had “1967” on their shirt…1+9+6+7 =23

Within a few minutes my brother came up to me with a shirt that had 1994 on it (You guessed it)

My lunch account number has 23 in it.

The time I am posting this is 11:23…which in 24 hour time (non-AM/PM) is 23:23 (But, of course, this is on-purpose)

Haha, it is merely coincidental, considering 23 is the most coincidental number…

It’s fun thinking of all the many ways I can find the number 23…

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