Baby, it’s cold outside

Allright…so it really isn’t cold outside…
But it will be in New York.
Which is where I am heading directly after school is let out at on Friday.
I’m planning on taking a insert word nonboring synonym for "alot" here of pictures on this trip..and I have come up with the clever idea of posting pictures of the day, each day of my trip. So…if anyone reads this, I hope that you will stop by…I can’t wait to go to New York…I’ve always wanted to go there, especially at Christmastime.

Currently, we are in the first of the last three days of finals exams. The period I am in currently is considered “review” allthough a review is not really needed in here. 😉

Asbury College contacted me last night. And I have been accepted to college! Heh, so far this is the only college I applied for (UK, Lindsey Wilson, and Georgetown are my other top colleges)…I’ll probally end up at a href=””>Asbury. The application was awesome for this. It was more like registering for a website rather than for a college application; No essay, no fee, and three days notification of acceptance.

I took the ACT last weekend, I feel it was my best yet. I’ve taken the ACT three times and my score are as follows in order of dates: 24, 22, 26. Heh, yes I think I must have been in a bad mood the day I got the 22. Yes…embarrassing, I know.

I’ve been fiddling alot with FreezingBot lately and have been trying to improve him. He is now ranked as the top 11th bot on the internet (number 19, including the Hall of Fame with working and non-working bots).

Sufjan Stevens has a Christmas Box set album out….42 songs for $19.99 on iTunes. I haven’t bought it yet because I have SEVERAL Christmas presents yet to buy. Though I think I am going to purchase it before my trip (That is, if I can get my money I earned for delivering packages of books earlier this week).

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