Things I Can Do at Age 18

(And some things I can, but will not do)

First, awesome new iPod picture:

Todays is my birthday. Hurrah. I got an awesome custom built laptop. Widescreen. I’ll post specs later because I don’t really know them.

I can legally be prosecuted for anything.

I am no longer a “minor”

I must sign up for the draft.

I can sign up for a credit card.

I can make my own decisions

I can sign a contract

I can own a credit card

I can buy lint away wands and other various obscure kitchen items from the infomercials. (You must be 18 or older to call)

I don’t need any more “permission slips”

I can vote

I can have an offical say in politics

I can get married (haha)

I can look at obscene media (Will not be doing this)

I can purchase tobacco products (Will not be doing this)

Anything else anybody can think of that I can do?

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