And I say…

School is finally out, woo!
Now I am what you call “an upcoming senior”.
It feels….pretty much the same, ha.

Bad thing is..I still don’t know when I am going to be going to Governors Scholars, I really hope I get the June 25th did…Like REALLY REALLY hope.
So much that I don’t know what I will do if I get the June 15th date….

Because now I have this purty girl who probally will be moving back to New Mexico during that time. That means I only have six days left because I am going on a mission trip (Katrina Relief) to Mississipi tomorrow morning, and I won’t be back till next Saturday.
And she is going to be gone when I am back…

So yes, if you see me gone from TheMarque thats where I will be (Mississippi)

I’ll miss you, Muriel!

2 thoughts on “And I say…”

  1. Yeah, kinda like birthdays. People are always asking “So how is it to be (insert age)?” “Um…the same as it felt to be my previous age”

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