Bittersweet: The Day

Recently…and today I have been enjoying the new Coke Blak.
Man, It really lives up to it’s slogan and whatever people are saying about it (the positive stuff, that is). Its incredible.
The explanation is: Carbonated cappacino coffee with a definate Coca-Cola flavor to it. I would recommend it. Only chilled though, it’s like a liquid dessert. Yummy.
Well, yea…so check out my new music section. List of my intruments and my actual songs.
Now…for the explanation of the title.
Yesterday was CATS testing, which I have never taken before in my life…it was easier then I had originally thought..but there was more too it then I expected.
Well, tomorrow is the start of a festival called Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY (Where I go to school).
Hillbilly Days is just this huge 3-day festival where all the rednecks come out and have themselves the town. Vendors, rides, food, music…etc.
So, that means today was our last day of school for the week. We get one off for “teacher planning” and the other for Hillbilly days itself.
Second period, Fine Arts…today was, essentially, music day. Bring your instrument to class and play it. Well scince I have a wide variety of musical instruments…I thought I might bring one. I ended up forgeting and not bringing one. But it just so happen that there was a piano in there. So..with 5 minutes left in the class, to my dismay the teacher remembers that I could play piano. So I thought…”Ah, what could it hurt?”
I played a song I recently wrote which hasn’t been named yet. When I got done, I was so embarrassed because it was the first time I had played a song I wrote in front of alot of people..especially people I don’t know all that well. Yea, but their positive applause and response was encouraging…I normally wouldn’t have done that.
(By the way…while I remember, I registired to vote the other day. You can vote as a 17 year old if you turn 18 by the general election. Hurrah.)
When I got home today, there was a letter on the table from the GSP (Governors Scholar Program). I open it to find that I was accepted. Now, I had applied for both GSA (Governors School of the Arts) and GSP yet I didn’t get accepted into GSA. This confuses me.
The application consists of Academic Profile, Student Profile, Teacher Recommendations, and Writing Entry. There is also an optional Guidance Counselor Statement form. Each school must select its nominees and then send them to the district level. Each school district sends its allotted nominees to the state level. A statewide selection committee blindly reads the applications and makes final decisions about who will attend the program.
Strange thing is, this is my first year in a public school, so I have never been in a club, never been on any commitee, I’ve never been apart of any organizations, my ACT score is one of the lowest of all the juniors that applied at my school, and my GPA isn’t the highest either. But I was still selected.
The bitter part to this is, I have been going to this camp called Aldersgate Camp scince I was around 8 years old. I’ve been going every year and haven’t missed once. This year will be my very last year as a camper (unless I decide not to apply for staff next year, which is unlikely). All of the dates schedualed for GSP interfere with my summer plans and camp dates. GSP lasts for an entire month. I love Aldersgate immensly so I am praying (and I hope that you will too) that I get the date that least interferes with my camp dates, which would be the latest date, June 25th-July 29th at Centre College in Danville.
Anyway, thats that.
Bittersweet day. Torn between academics and spirituality.
Now I think I’ll go eat some string cheese and drink some Coke Blak.


  1. Taylor on May 3, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    Hi, Mark.
    So, if I wanted to add this to my web clips at the top of GMail, how would I do that?

  2. Mark on May 3, 2006 at 7:36 pm

    Open the main page of GMail…
    Click ‘settings’ at the top…
    Click on the ‘web clips’ tab…
    Add this link:
    To the search section (Search by topic or URL) on the side and click search.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, it’s weird.

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