9 thoughts on “My Date of Birth!”

  1. That’s awesome! So do you think you’ll keep your mini since you got the transmiter (I imagine it’s the iTrip)?

    I hope you had an awesome day! *hugs*


  2. The Sims 2 is awesome. Def. get the expansion packs, the sims university, and the new one coming out, it makes it that much more fun. I have all the original ones, and I’m getting the new on when it comes out. greatest games ever.

    P.S. I miss talking to you, are you mad at me? Is it because I call you Marge? I can stop, I promise.

  3. Well, the last theme was a real pain to deal with sometimes. Blix is a really popular theme, I know…but when I started working with it, it was so easy to deal with (obviously, since I set it up so quickly). That’s one of the main things that got me to use it.

    I tried the gravatar thing before I switched themes…but the default setting for the Blix theme is like a 23 x 23 avatar. Really really tiny. It goes to the right of where the name and time in the comment go, so it’s a hassle to change the size. I might work with it later, so that it will go to the right of the comment text (kind of like how you have it).

    …..and how in the world you tricked the time on my blog to say “-1 year and 12 months after the fact” is beyond me.

  4. Could you just e-mail me the comments.php that you’re using? That would be really cool. I don’t know if I’ll end up using it or not, but it would be cool just to get an idea of how you’re doing it.

    I changed the time from +9 GMT (Japan time) to -7 GMT (West coast) after everyone but you had commented. So by it’s understanding, you commented at two something PM, whereas the rest commented several hours later. But that doesn’t explain the “-1 year, 12 months” thing…Can you do me a favor and add a comment to another entry?

  5. Was the site down or something? I wasn’t home… Anytime my site is down, see if some place like ingero.com (my host) or fiveminuteplan.com or daggercity.com (both hosted by ingero) is down. Every time my site has been down, they’ve been down too.

    Are you talking about FAlbum? That’s what I’m working with…It’s just really beta right now (the latest version is what? Something like 0.4.4?). There’s a handful of other flickr plugins.

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