MISSING-Warm Delight Mini (Election Special)

(Darn wordpress actually deleted my post and it took me until now to restore it)

6-8 weeks ago I found a website in which you can find everything free on the internet. I decided I would definitely sign up to recieve the free Warm Delight Mini in the mail. Hurrah!

To my great joy, last week, before I left for Randee’s house on Friday, I discovered that I had a package in the mail at KCU. But I had to wait till the post office opened at 2:45 to get it. It was about 1:00 so Randee and I decided we would come back at 2:45.

2:45 comes and I went to the post office and asked for my package. Apparently the workers in the post office were extremely jealous since there was no concealing what the package was. They really really wanted my package.

Well I took it into the Jeep and we headed off to Randee’s house. When we arrived we unpacked the car and Randee headed off to work. As I unpacked and sorted I realized that I couldn’t find my precious Warm Delight Mini.

I assumed it was left in the Jeep.

Well when she came back I looked in the Jeep and it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere. Scoured my stuff and the house for it. Look in every nook and crannie of the Jeep. It couldn’t be anywhere else!

People steal alot of things from the place Randee works.

So what I am gathering is that someone has stolen my Betty Crocker Warm Delight Mini.
I was so looking forward to eating this too, i am upset!

Should anyone find my Warm Delight Mini, please tell me.

Oh also, election isn’t going so well for McCain/Palin right now, yikes.

God’s got it in control.