I never saw the rain, But I felt it. I never heard the rain, But I smelled it.   For weeks and week The empty creeks Were as dry as a mouth Full of old cake. The emerald grass No longer shined The trees Their leaves Turned their back Upon the breeze. Until the day … Read more


On August 1, 2009, at 20 years old, I was married in a wedding at Aldersgate Camp to one whom I thought was my “soul mate” and that I would be married to forever. Things were tough sometimes after the “honeymoon” wore off. We yelled at each other sometimes. I called her crazy and threatened … Read more

This I Believe

This I Believe, In beginnings and ends And of living between Of adventure Wakened I believe in a stillness Of listening in. Finding peace in the screaming, In crying, In pain. I believe in the love That comes from within Patient and kind Not angry, no end I believe in a resurrection In life from … Read more

The Man in the Hole

There’s this story I heard once of a man in a hole. As he walked down the path, he suddenly fell. He fell into a hole. It was a very large hole, a very dark pit. The walls were steep, the bottom was rocky. There was no way out and no one to help. A doctor … Read more


Every year when New Year’s Eve comes around, I realize that I haven’t thought of any resolutions to make for the upcoming year. At that point I generally say to myself, “Ah, forget it, resolutions are stupid and impossible to keep anyway.”