I’m beginning to believe
That joy comes in many forms.
Laughing with friends and traveling far,
Bright warm sun on icy cold morns.
Red coffee cups and exciting thoughts,
Sleeping till noon and brand new socks.

It comes in the stillness,
The quiet of day.
It comes in the screaming,
The crying and pain.
Sometimes it comes silently,
Thankfully, tearfully,

But sometimes it comes
In those in-between moments.
In the breath between kisses,
Hidden smiles, stolen glances.

It’s found in the melody
Of a well sung song.
It’s found at the end
Of a road traveled long.

Joy comes in the form
Of a hope and a dream.
In the gentle, still flow
Of a wandering stream.

I’m beginning to believe
That joy comes in many forms.
Words that speak life and colors on canvas,
Brand new starts and second chances.

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