Came and Went

…that’s exactly what Thanksgiving break did.

Sad for it to be over, but it was great. I had time to spend with all the people I love!
…And ate alot of turkey of course.
I came back to Asbury to work on my Earth Science take home quiz..but guess what. After throughly cleaning the room and whatnot, I cannot find it anywhere. Also, I can’t find the list for the angel tree kid I am supposed to be getting stuff for.
Great, just great. I am such a “loser”.

Hmm, I am sleepy.


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  1. Julie on November 26, 2007 at 9:54 am

    you’re no loser…those papers are the losers cause they won’t come find you…and that angel tree kid thing is a loser…cause it won’t stay where you tell it to stay. lol…
    oh happy days

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