Let’s Waste Time Chasing Cars

So, school has started.
Yea, that’s pretty fun.
No, I lie.

So I have been pretty freakin’ busy lately. Pretty much the busiest I’ve ever been.

Soccer games and practices
AP Classes with hard tests
Annoying Geometry homework
Eagle Scout board of review is Wednesday, gotta crack down because I can’t do anything after I turn 18 on September, 13th.

Yea man, it’s been stressful.

And here, my dad has cancer again (well, they removed the tumor…but he is back on chemo).

I’ve been writing alot lately. No joke.
Nearly two new songs or poems (lyrics) a week.

Want to read something I wrote a while back?

What is this?

Oh why, why can’t I explain the things I felt?
Oh how, how can I set everything right?

Cure this injustice,
Cannot bear it all
Shadows of what will be
Are so dark that I can’t see
Though there’s none to see me fall.

Need the city lights ,
To light the murky streets.
Darkness not understanding,
Where the light ends, where it began.

Im needing You now
I can’t tell You how
The glow of a fire, so far away
I feel a chill
Oh, it doesn’t fufill
I need You now, I need You today

Overwhelming emotion
It cannot be contained
Forms on my face reflect the things that are not seen
But nothing but this song, reflects what i will be

I hope I can do some recording soon, maybe this Labor Day weekend. I have ALOT of brand new songs, on every instrument.


  1. Angela on August 30, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    hey Mark i just saw ur picture “Stormyness” and i love it. i cant believe u play all those instruments. i think its candy. (you’ll have to ask mel about candy) nothin bad i promise.

  2. Gustin on August 31, 2006 at 1:07 pm

    I’m seeing a header on there.


    It’s a picture of you (from a low angle) looking off into the distance.

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