A king never dies, just sleeps.

This time I am not starting off apoligizing, if you want an apology for me forgeting to post, take it up with our complaint department. 😉

I’ve been oh so busy, etc…

Let’s see what is going on?

Thanksgiving was great, I ate way to much.

I ordered an electric Ibanez GRX. Comes in tomorrow. Got it for an incredible, incredible price..$120.

I’ve been writing alot of songs lately. Piano and guitar.
So some friends of mine and I got together and recorded one.
The drums sound odd because it’s done on a keyboard, and he didn’t have any time to practice it before we recorded it (We only had one or two chances to record) And the guitarist is a little bit off (Hah…Colton)
But I want to record mine own soon when my guitar comes in, so be prepared.
If you want to listen to my song, Here it is (Mark is a tad embarrased to post this):
A Transforming Renewal

(Thats me on piano, Colton W. on guitar, Tyler C. on “keyboard drums”, and Steveo. B on bass (Which you can’t hear)

I took some pictures the other day. I am not going to post them in here completely because they are huge.
Picture One
Picture Two
Picture Three
and Picture Five

(Only kidding, there was no Picture Four 😉 )

In other news, I have started a new thing.
Live visual arts during a church service.
I painted a canvas (about 2 x 4 feet) during communion. It took me 15 minutes and I painted it with a pallete knife and rags.
Woah, it was hard, yet fun.
Here it is. I sold it for $150 (Thats $600 an hour, being a painter pays) in a silent auction, and donated the money to the church.

I’m in The Nutcracker this year, as one of the father/husbands in the Ball Room scene, Scene one. I did it last year and it was awesome fun.

Right now I have some homework to do.
Remind me, I need to get the subscriptions fixed, need to remember to update, and I need to fix my photo gallery. (Come to think of it, I took a picture of my other new painting, but never put it up)


Yay! An update! I’m sorry I didn’t bug you enough about posting an update. 😉

Oooh! I can’t wait to hear the new version of that song!

*reminder to do all of that stuff you listed at the bottom of that update* lol

Love you!

Oh… and you shouldn’t be embarresed about that song! I thinks it’s sooooooo good! You are so talented. *nods*

That is an awesome painting.

Hey man!

Neat concept of painting the pic during the service. Where did the idea originate? Were you in view of the congregation? What kind of church set-up do you have that they would OK this?

It sounds like an awesomw idea! Something I’d like to try myself…

~John Luke

Happy aneversary to your parents! 😀

hey mark. nice painting.

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