We’re Gonna Sing Like the Saved

No One Like You
by David Crowder Band

You are more beautiful
Than anyone ever
Everyday You’re the same
You never change, no never

And how could I ever deny
The love of my Savior
You are to me everything
All I need forever

How could You be so good to me?

There is no one like You
There has never ever been anyone like You

Everywhere You are there
Earth or air surrounding
I’m not alone, the heavens sing along
My God You’re so astounding
How could You be so good to me
Eternally I believe that

Great song…I got back from Leisure Ministires, which was incredibly awesome. But I am not going to dicuss it here, because who likes to read long posts? Not me.
I got back..then went straight to YDR (Youth Discipleship Retreat) unexpectedly. It was at Asbuy College (my future college) and It was…fairly good. Not many people there…but the Spiritual growth and the worship I experience there was awesome. Wow, it was just a extra push, right off of LM (Leisure Ministries) camp, in which experienced God in such an awesome way!
I led the guys in song on guitar and such everynight at YDR, that was fun to do. I love worship songs!
Oh, speaking of guitar and worship. At LM…I put together a little act for the talent show. 30 minutes before it began. I just so happened to have my iPod (against camp rules 😉 ) and I have the lyrics/tab for ‘On Fire’ by Switchfoot. So, I taught a friend the chords/tab for it. And I taught another friend the lyrics…and the song. He knew it, just not well. And I figured it out for the talent show. I thought we did a fairly decent job. I sang, played guitar, piano. If we had more time to practice/plan it would have sounded way better. But I think we did a good job…I was proud!

Also, when I was at YDR. I started wanting an acoustic electric really bad. So, when I got home, I told Dad,
“I wante to buy one…too bad the Hock Shop (pawn shop) went out of business!”
And he said,
“The Hock Shop is having their Bankruptcy auction tomorrow.”
Awesome! So we go to the auction, and they had so many instruments, they sold a $1000 acoustic bass for $200! I am kinda of disappointed that I didn’t bid on any electric guitars…. $300-1000 guitars sold from $40-$250!!! But I did get a great deal though! I got an $550 Ibanez Performance acoustic electric for only $185. I put some new light Elixcer strings on it today, sounds great.

The Specs are:
Pearl Dot inlay
Gloss Finish
Spruce Top
Mahogany Back/Sides
Die-cast (G) Tuners
Fishman Sonicore Pickup SST Preamp w/ Onboard.

Now, onto the case I got. It was a value of $200 but I got it for $70. It was the nicest case there.
It’s a Taylor hardshell case. The outer shell is constructed from multi-ply poplar, yielding more strength and better humidity/temperature protection than plastic. It’s covered by an ultra-tough vinyl called Nubtex, which protects against scratches and dents. The interior is precision-built for each of our four guitar shapes, ensuring a snug fit. Thick padding and black plush provide excellent shock absorption, while a new, form-fitting vinyl handle makes the case more manageable and easier to carry.

What else? Oh yea, I am going to a camp in TN next week. It should be fun! Can’t wait. And I also and probally going to be a counselor at Aldersgate Camp again, the week after that…and of course I can’t wait for that…I pray it works out.

Some of my artwork has been framed and is hanging on walls, look for better/new pictures of it soon. Also looks for about, 10+ new pieces of work. Yea…I’ve been busy.

I plan on recording and writing a few songs soon. And I’ll put them under Lyrical Lyrics

Also, I am demanding that you talk to lonely Freezingbot
and/or send me a donation of $10 -20 dollars if you want to see him on AIM again, if you want to see at least three new versions of him, a possible new bot, or an actually text-to-speech and virtual face for him. How cool would that be? One Andrew Jackson please.


  1. Jes on July 11, 2005 at 10:24 pm

    :woah: that guitar rocks! No fair! :). I’m glad to see you around, finally, but it seems like you’ve been having so much fun which is totally awesome. I sent you an email, but I’m not so sure I sent it to the correct place, so if you didn’t get one from me, send me one instead ;).


  2. Gustin on July 12, 2005 at 9:55 am

    Woah! Sweet looking guitar!

    I’m glad you’ve been having fun. Also, if you need any help with recording just ask… I do that too 😉


  3. Taylor on July 12, 2005 at 5:17 pm

    😮 Awesome guitar!
    Wow. More camp? You must be going for a world record in Most Camps Attended In One Summer.
    Ha. ImOnFire played “On Fire”. That is unbearably awesome. I want a recording.

    That is all. Sounds like you’re having great fun. 🙂

  4. Kaleigh on July 12, 2005 at 6:26 pm

    Hey! I love the guitar, awesome deal on it! Gosh, you sound so busy. Actually, I’m pretty as well! 😉

    Haha. I was just in TN!! 🙂 I’m so glad to be home though.

    Well, I’m glad you’re having a great time and I hope you have fun the next couple weeks!

    ~Kaleigh 😀

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