Its a Beautiful Day

Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, so I am making up for it right now. My parents left yesterday for the Cancer Center in Lexington, at UK. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here. They will be returning on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Ever since I heard the song Beautiful Day by U2 a the Planetarium, I have been listening to it non stop. When I had heard that song before, I didn’t know who it was by…now I know. You might be suprised when I say I have never listened to U2, bought a CD, or anything like that…though I might buy one now..who knows?
Speaking of beautiful days, today is awesome! An incredible 78 degrees, sunny, and not a single cloud in the sky. I really don’t like summer or spring…I love the cold, therefore I love the cold days..but today I actually like.

I finally got my online art gallery up and running with brand new art work, 6 things to be exact, here is a bit of it…

You can leave comments on each individual picture, or you can just leave comments on the whole album. I’ de appreciate it if you would leave comments. Heh.

I got a letter today from one of my friends I haven’t seen in forever. It had a brochure for the “National Society of Heifers” in it. It was really weird, but I loved it. It had drawings in it, and other little random excerpts from who knows where…oh and I ate at subway for lunch.

11 thoughts on “Its a Beautiful Day”

  1. Hey Mark, your new site rocks. And the new art is amazing, as always. Can’t wait until Icthus, I’m thinking that mud-sliding will definitely be in order, just as long as you and Katie don’t stay in a hotel again….thats cheating. ~Danielle

  2. hey mark! I love your site!! You have somegreat artwork!! I like the picture at the top of the site!!

  3. so this is the site that all are talking about…awesome. how i wish i were able to do just a bit of this kinda stuff…instead i am left with homework.

  4. Hey Mark… I love that song, Beautiful Day!! Actually, I love U2! They have a ton of good songs like that!! You should start listening to them! They ROCK!! Oh, and I love your paintings/drawings, I wish I could draw good… I suck! lol Well, ttyl!

  5. um…..mark this is still confusing. lol. but hey at least i’m leaving one 😉 btw i freakin love that pic with the horse and the girl…..

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