The penguins are in the toilets.

I would very much like to see the slides of your liver operation but first I must go and hack my head into tiny pieces with my comb…

Randomness, the spice of life! I have no idea why I just said that, or why I put that there, but who cares? 😉 Yesterday I randomly went to Wal-mart, where I met a church member, and a friend of my dads, whom, after I said, “Hello!” to him, three times, he finally looked at me and said,
“Excuse me…do I know you?”
I was shocked, since I practically speak/see this person 1-2 times a week for the last 3 years.
Anyway, I said “Yes….haha” (I thought he was joking)
“Hmm, I am trying to remember…do I know you from somewhere…how do I know you?…..Who are you anyway?
“Uh…um..I am Mark from church?”
“OH! Why in the world did I not recognize you?! I’m so sorry. Did you get a hair cut?”
“Well…yes…and I am tired”
“You look so different with a t-shirt and not dressed up”
It was really weird, uber weird, this guy is sane and extremely smart….for goodness sakes, he is an author! Ha! But he kept apologizing after that, he must have been tired or something. Then again, I did get a hair cut, and I was wearing a T-shirt for the first time, and it was black, and I don’t usually wear black.

So sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday, I actually was busy! After school yesterday, my parents came home from my dads testing for treatment …so here is the low down on my dad. He is going to have to have chemotherapy and radiation. This process will be 4 to 6 months, and he will go in every other week. So looks like I will be doing alot of traveling.:-/
I found out this morning, that I will be gone, the week after next week, because we are going to my Dad’s first treatment, and by the time we come home, it would be time for the Ichthus Music Festival, which is the longest running Christian music festivals…and one of the biggest. So, I will be back on Sunday….so don’t expect to hear from me, during that week. 😉
Today I am filling out my application for summer camp, and for a job at the radio station. I really hope I get into both of those…:D

Pray for me and my family! Thanks

EDIT: One thing I forgot to add was… that it is NEXT week, not this week that I am leaving…my mistake…and The summer camp I am going to is Aldersgate Camp A Christian camp in Kentucky, that I have been going to twice a year scince I was old enough to attend. Tho this year, I might only be able to go to one week, scince we might not be able to afford two. Please pray for me on that as well, I dont know which to choose, one week is EXTREMLY spiritual, and the other contains all my friends that I never see, unless I am at camp. I hope to go to both of them!


  1. Kaleigh on April 7, 2005 at 11:09 am

    You cut your hair?? You should try growing it out!!! I love long hair… on both guys and girls!! 😉
    Are going to be able to get on AIM at all while you’re gone next week?? I’m going to be pretty busy next week cause I’m having 3 of my cousins over all week (Spring Break)… my aunt and uncle are going on a cruise, so it will be hard for me to get on as often as I do!
    What kind of camp might you go to?
    Anyway, I’ll ttyl…. hopefully on AIM!!! 😉

  2. Mark on April 7, 2005 at 11:55 am

    Kaleigh: Yes, I cut my hair…like…er last have already seen the picture of it. I already DID grow it out, that is why I got it cut, that was the longest it had ever been and I didnt like all. It looks alot like Charlie’s (from Lost) hair. And I made a mistake, im not leavig this week, but NEXT week…and I am going to the church camp that I have been going every year scince I was able…its the only camp I go to, and this year I might only be able to go to one week instead of 2-3…because we cant afford it with all these medical expenses…

  3. Taylor on April 7, 2005 at 12:49 pm

    Like Charlie’s? Stay far, far away from Izzy, Mark. 😉

  4. Kaleigh on April 7, 2005 at 4:54 pm

    hahaha! I still think that long hair is cooler!! 😛 Do you have any pics from when your hair was longer?? I would really like to see a pic!!! 😉
    I hope the camp thing works out!!

  5. Mark on April 7, 2005 at 7:49 pm

    Taylor: Heh…no longer is it THAT long…:p

    Kaleigh: Um…I might somewhere! It fairly long in the picture I have…but it might be longer now. Think of Clark Kent from Smallville, imagine it brown, and on me. 😉

  6. Danielle on April 7, 2005 at 9:27 pm

    Haha. that was very interesting……penguins in the toliet…I have a friend named Lucy who is obsessed with penguins..only, she pronounces it “Ping”uin….as in pinguin..which is odd..but, whatever. I just used quite a bit of puncuation in that last sentence. Thats radical.

  7. Mark on April 8, 2005 at 7:35 am

    Danielle: What do you mean? Isnt that how everyone pronounces them? Ping-gwen? Do you pronounce it like, Pen-gwen? Heh! How is it odd? I pronounce it the same way! 😉

  8. Butterbean on April 15, 2005 at 9:27 pm

    The title, was um not approrpiate 😉

    I’m not sure i like the penguins in the toilet

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